Ariete Food Processor + Glass Blender + Citrus 1783

160 $

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  • Kitchen robot complete with accessory set and equipped with glass blender cup, which used with the supplied blade set allows you to chop, chop, knead any ingredient.

    Product specifications

    model 1783
    code 00C178320AR0
    power 2100W Locked Motor (1000W)
    velocity variable + P
    Chopper capacity workable 2L (3L total)
    Blender capacity workable 1.5L (2L total)
    Stainless steel chopper blade
    Plastic blade for kneading
    Mount disc
    Disc with blade inserts to slice, to cut into julienne and to cut into sticks
    Juicer accessory
    Product length 26.00 cm
    Product width 24.00 cm
    Product height 41.00 cm
    Weight produced 5.00 Kg
    Box weight 6.28 Kg
    Master weight 13.48 Kg
    Master pieces 2
    Pallet pieces 16
    Container parts 20 474
    Container parts 40 974
    Container parts 40H 1152