Philips Comfortable nose & ear trimmer NT-1150

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Fast and safe trim of nose & ear hair

  • No pulling guaranteed
  • Guard system, ideal angle
  • Fully washable, AA battery

Advanced guard system prevents pulling, nicks & cuts

With the revolutionary ProtecTube technology, the cutter is protected by an ultra-thin foil guard with rounded tips to prevent skin irritations. In addition, the cutter is designed to prevent hair from getting caught between two separately moving cutting blades, for guaranteed no pulling.

Easily reach hair inside the ear or nose

The Philips nose trimmer has been engineered so that it is perfectly angled to easily reach hair inside the ear and nose. With the Philips nose trimmer, you can be sure that all unwanted hairs will be removed efficiently.

Ultra precise & sharp cutting slots

Both cutter and guard have ultra precise and sharp cutting slots to ensure all hairs are quickly and effectively cut.


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