Philips Wet and dry electric shaver S7530

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  • Smooth glide, sensitive shave

    The Philips series 7000 protects against the key signs of skin irritation. SkinGlide rings with anti-friction coating enable the shaver to glide effortlessly across your face. Its blades cut close and protect skin, even with 3-day stubble

  • Philips? no 1 on sensitive skin*
  • SkinGlide Rings
  • GentlePrecisionPRO Blades
  • Cleansing brush & beard styler
  • SkinGlide rings with anti-friction coating for smooth glide
    Experience a more comfortable shave with anti-friction SkinGlide rings coated with microspheres. Thousands of tiny glass-like rounded spheres reduce friction and surface resistance between the shaver and the skin. This gives the shaver a smooth, easy glide and helps protect against skin irritation. 
  • Blades protect skin and cut close even with 3-day stubble
    Our updated cutting system has skin protection technology, designed to only cut hair not skin. V shaped blades guide the skin away from the blades for a close smooth shave – even on 3-day stubble. 
  • 5 direction flex heads follow contours with less pressure
    Our shaver heads flex easily in 5 directions, gently following all the contours of the face and neck. Less pressure is needed to shave closely and skin stress is minimized.


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